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About this section

In this section you will find information about autism and how it affects people. Guidance on various aspects of autism, including anxiety, behaviour and sensory issues is included.

Living with autism

Autism is a lifelong condition. We believe that all people with autism will have an improved quality of life if they are given professional care and support. Some people with autism will need continuous lifelong care; others can live entirely independently. In the middle there are people with autism who will benefit from some degree of support. Although autism will always be present, people with autism can develop skills, explore interests, improve their physical health; improve their social interaction; and in many cases can find employment.

Because autism is closely linked to anxiety, one of the main benefits of professional care and support is to minimise anxiety and distress. This is achieved by close knowledge of the individual with autism, and by providing security and structure.

Professional support can also expand boundaries. Even though people with autism are often resistant to change and anxious about change, they may also be open to new experiences. Professional care can, for example, expand dietary choices. Additionally, where people with autism need a structured day, part of the structure can and should be activities which they enjoy.