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About this section

In this section you will find information about Autism West Midlands, our people, and job opportunities.

About us

There are more than half a million people in the UK living with autism, an invisible and misunderstood disability. 60,000 live in the West Midlands.

We are the leading charity in the West Midlands for people with autism. We use our passion and expertise to enrich the lives of people with autism and those who love and care for them. Our passionate, expert staff and volunteers work across all age groups and abilities, providing direct support to people with autism.

What do we do?

  • Support people with autism to live as independently as possible, in residential care, or in their own or the family home
  • Provide activities and events and support for families, and an information helpline
  • Help people with autism to find and keep a job
  • Offer training for parents of children with autism, and the professionals who help them ....and much more!

Our vision

A world where people with autism are universally understood and accepted as equal citizens.

Our Values

We are Passionate

People with autism and their families are at the heart of our charity. The needs, goals and aspirations of each person are at the centre of our support. We love what we do.

We are Adventurous

We embrace change, continually seeking improvement. We are creative and innovative. We have a culture where ideas are valued and work is stimulating.

We are Supportive

We respect each other. We help each other out. We celebrate each other's success.

We are Friendly & Approachable

We listen and we care. We are responsive. We have fun.

We are Fair, Transparent & Open

We tell the truth. We are honest, straightforward and clear.

We are Knowledgeable

We are specialists in what we do. We are intellectually curious. We put research into practice.

Our History

Our story began in 1965 when groups of parents with children on the autism spectrum in Birmingham joined together to provide each other with support and encouragement. By the 1980s, parents were campaigning to raise funds to set up Oakfield House, our first residential home, opened by Princess Anne in 1988. We now have six residential homes; two supported living establishments, and provide support in the community to hundreds of people on the autism spectrum and their families. Parental support groups remain very important: we have large numbers of support groups throughout the West Midlands.

Download our "30 years of Autism West Midlands" timeline here 


Registered Charity Number: 517077
Registered Company Number: 1953344 (England & Wales)