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Support Worker, Residential

My name is Laura and I work in a residential home as a Support Worker. I support residents in every aspect to ensure they lead rewarding lives. My main responsibilities include those we support to achieve daily tasks such as personal care and making sure I am working in a person centered way.

In my opinion the best thing about working for Autism West Midlands is how friendly and approachable all members of staff are, from support workers to senior management. My top tip for new starters would be to never be afraid to ask questions. There is a lot to learn and the more experienced members of staff will be more than happy to help and guide you.

I wanted to work for Autism West Midlands as I gained an interest in working with people with autism through my degree in psychology. I felt that the organisation had a positive approach to autism and liked the real emphasis on working in a person centered way.

I feel supported by Autism West Midlands. The head office induction gave me a great base to start with and my shadow shifts in service really helped me to get to know the service users and the routine on shift. My managers are very supportive and approachable and the comprehensive training means I feel confident in all aspects of my job. The team are very approachable and supportive. During my induction at head office, I met the senior management team and found them to be very friendly and relaxed. My mangers have an open door policy and I know I can go to them with any issues I may have.

I think Autism West Midlands is a relaxed environment, which makes it a very enjoyable place to work.