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In this section you can find out about our family support services across the West Midlands, including outreach, short breaks, support groups and education advice.

Family Days

Our Family Outreach Team runs several Family Days throughout the year around the West Midlands. Family Days are aimed at families who have a child with autism and can be attended by the whole family. Often, grandparents, aunties and uncles attend along with the parents and children (including siblings).

Family Days take place at our head office as well as in local community venues such as community centres and church halls. Venues are chosen specifically with the needs of the young people in mind. They take place at the weekends, enabling parents to attend training that they often miss in the daytimes. Family Days are an opportunity for the whole family to get together, share experiences and make happy memories. They are all about having fun with entertainment, educational opportunities, support and relaxation, in an autism friendly environment.

Activities vary depending on the venue and time of year, but can include:


For Children

We offer activities including magic shows, discos, circus skills, games, bouncy castles, arts and crafts, visits from the Animal Man and more. We also offer sensory toys or a sensory room in order for the children to relax and balance their senses, if over or under stimulated. We sign post activities and amenities, both visually and in writing and give an overview of what will happen on the day, to cut down on surprises!

We offer opportunities for children to develop social skills in a non-threatening environment, via activities and games involving turn taking and sharing. 

For Adults

We have workshops on a number of relevant topics, including toileting, sensory issues, challenging behaviour etc. As well as workshops, we often have guest speakers who are individuals on the autism spectrum to share their stories of inspiration. Representatives from other organisations are invited to share information and provide yet more support for the families. We often offer massage opportunities, to give parents/carers a chance for a well-earned rest, while the children are entertained.

We are conscious of the amount of noise; hence, the numbers of attendees are limited and the volume of any music adjusted to keep it autism-friendly. We are also aware of the need for a quiet area for children to relax when the get overwhelmed.

All in all, our Family Days are relaxed, inclusive events, where we strive to cater to the needs of all of the family.

Benefits of Family Days include:

The Family Days prove to be very popular and provide enormous benefits for all of those who attend.  

For parents:

  • Meet others and share experiences
  • Receive specific training from a specialist trainer 
  • Discuss issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment 
  • Attend training whilst having their children present in the building (especially important for people who struggle with childcare)

For young people with autism:

  • Access clear and structured activities
  • Join activities specifically designed to support young people to engage in new experiences and develop new skills
  • Have positive experiences alongside their siblings
  • The chance to be independent, away from their parents, but with the security of still having them in the building
  • Meet other children in a safe environment
  • Have the freedom to be themselves

For siblings:

  • Meet other siblings, and other young people with autism
  • Have positive experiences with their sibling and other young people with autism
  • Experience new activities and develop new skills


Upcoming family days

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