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About this section

In this section you can find out about our family support services across the West Midlands, including outreach, short breaks, support groups and education advice.

Support groups

Autism West Midlands Parent Support Groups

Autism West Midlands' Parent Support Groups run across the West Midlands region and are accessible to all parents, whether or not their child has a diagnosis of autism. The groups provide a listening ear and sounding board for emotions and experiences.

Typically, our groups involve:

  • Bringing and sharing experiences
  • Drinking tea and eating lots of biscuits!
  • Opportunities for families to meet each other and discuss issues
  • Opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding

The groups can reduce feelings of isolation and provide an opportunity for external agencies and professionals to meet with parents and discuss services they provide.

All of the AWM Parent Support Groups are listed in our website events section.

You can find out more about the groups by calling our helpline on 0303 0300 111

Other support groups

Across the West Midlands we have contact with 39 support groups and around 10 'other contacts' who volunteer their phone lines for advice and guidance over the phone. All groups welcome new members. They are mostly run by volunteers from their own homes or they hire local community halls for events, so you may have to telephone more than once to get through.

These groups are mainly for parents/carers, however there are also groups for siblings and partners.

All support groups provide some level of emotional support and empower each other to make a difference in their local areas. They are a valuable source of information and support to families who live in their regions.

For a full list of support groups please click here.