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About this section

In this section you will find information about the specialist autism training offered by Autism West Midlands, and our conference programme.


At Autism West Midlands we recognise those working with people with autism are often in extremely complex circumstances and require specific, expert advice and guidance. We therefore offer a specialist behaviour consultancy service to provide practical advice in the workplace about how to make reasonable adjustments to your service, and to your staff's behaviour towards and communication with clients on the autism spectrum.

Our consultant, Lee Burden, is extremely well qualified to provide this service. He has a degree in autism and keeps up-to-date with the latest research and practice. He has 19 years experience in working with individuals on the autistic spectrum including both adults and children. He has 9 years experience in providing support and training for parents and professionals from education, health and social care and businesses. He is a specialist in challenging behaviour and has a superb track record of making a profound difference to the lives of individuals on the autistic spectrum.

Our behaviour consultancy package includes:

Initial telephone consultation in order for our consultant to gain an understanding of the situation and to agree a plan and timescale for future consultation.

Discussions with all relevant staff members

Observations of staff member(s) interacting with a person on the autism spectrum

Environmental appraisal – an evaluation of the working environment

Evaluation of processes and procedures relating to how staff members communicate and behave towards people with autism

Written report detailing recommendations of strategies; techniques; changes to the environment or changes to behaviours, supported by a verbal discussion

Costs: £600 a day or £100 an hour

Our consultant will advise on a recommended amount of time for the consultancy process, depending on the complexity of each individual case. This will usually be 1 to 2 days. Please call 0121 450 7582 to arrange an initial consultation.