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Walsall Befriending


As a finalist in the national learning disabilities and autism awards, the befriending service offers a pathway of support to reduce social isolation and increase confidence and social skills in autistic adults.

Aspire Adult Support

“It has created an opportunity for friendship and given my son the chance to try new activities that he would not have had the confidence or motivation to do prior to accessing the service. It has helped to bring him out of his own world into which he easily retreats, as he looks forward to being part of the group and enjoying the meetings and the events.”

“The group gives me the opportunity to meet with other people who get exactly what it’s like, and that I’m free to share experiences where others won’t think ‘that’s weird/strange/bizarre’ but accept it as an authentic autistic experience. That is what makes it so special – it gives us a chance to be totally authentic, something the vast majority of people ‘out there’ simply won’t understand.”

Eligibility criteria: 18+ with a confirmed diagnosis of autism, living in Walsall local authority for further information contact or 0121 450 7582 for more information and to refer.


Information, Advice & Guidance 

We regret to inform you that the advice service for autistic adults and their families living in Walsall will end at the end of August 2018.

With this change, we cannot offer the following from August:

  • Face to face information, advice or guidance sessions
  • Workshops
  • Autism awareness sessions

We may be able to offer the following:

  • Information over Autism West Midlands telephone helpline on 0303 0300 111
  • Befriending support (see above)

Availability for advice sessions until the end of the service may be limited. Contact or 0121 450 7582 for more information.