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Community Support for Adults


Birmingham Pre and Post Diagnostic Support Service 

Our Birmingham service is funded by Birmingham City Council. To use the service, adults must live in the Birmingham City Council area.

The service offers:

  • Information, advice and support to autistic adults and/or parent carers by phone email or face to face meetings
  • Daytime and evening social opportunities for autistic adults
  • Evening parent carer support groups
  • Training, support and partnership work with Birmingham professionals

Autism Confident Programme

This course aims to help you develop the confidence to be part of a small group, to understand autism and develop strategies that help you to manage day to day challenges.  You will have the opportunity to share experiences with your peers and get to learn how other autistic people experience life.

You will need to be able to commit to 8 consecutive weeks, for 2 hours per week.  The 8 week programme is delivered in the following way:

Week 1  – A 1:1 meeting with our group leader who will be delivering the course.  They will talk you through what to expect on the programme and if there is any specific goals you may have

Weeks 2 – 7 will be made up of group sessions delivered on the following topics:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Social Communication
  • Theory of Mind
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Disclosure

Week 8 – A 1:1 meeting with the group lead.  They will review how helpful the course has been and support you to identify the next steps you wish to take.

At the end of the course you will be able to access a monthly daytime social group for a period of 12 months if you would like to do so.


In order to take part in the course you must:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Have a GP registered to a Birmingham Clinical commissioning group (we can check this for you)
  • You must also be able to participate in a small group setting
  • You must be able to commit to the 8 weeks of the course
  • You do not need to have a diagnosis to access this opportunity

What people attending the course have said:

  • Autism confident is “first step I would take to get an insight into yourself”
  • “Absolutely brilliant. I learnt so much and could really relate to it. It has helped me to understand myself”.
  • “Suddenly everything makes a lot more sense. So much resonated with me it was like a veil had been lifted”.
  • “I really liked the small group sessions, it allows people to speak, a good opportunity to practice talking and other skills”

If you are considering taking part in the Autism Confident course and would like

further information on the above support please contact our Autism Information Helpline



Walsall Befriending Group

If you would like further information on the above support please email