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In memory of Gerald Price 1927-2020

5th February 2021

In memory of Gerald Price 


We would like to take a moment to remember a dear friend of Autism West Midlands, Gerald Price, who sadly passed away in December. 

In 1989 Gerald threw himself, with enormous energy and ambition, into addressing the lack of provision for autistic adults within the West Midlands. This was a cause very close to his heart.

Gerald was passionately involved with the startup of Autism West Midlands, and in particular our Oakfield House service, and remained involved right up until last year. He had been instrumental in its development over the years and its ongoing value to the people it supports is a testament to Gerald’s passion and hard work. 

A parent of one of the Oakfield House residents said the following: 

“The amount of time and effort Gerald put into this task was phenomenal as he explored all avenues and perused every opportunity until he was successful in finding suitable premises at Oakfield Road and obtained the backing of Birmingham Social Services, the Regional Hospital Board and the Family Housing Association to augment our own meagre resources. A principal was appointed and Oakfield House came into being in 1989 and was opened by Princess Anne.”

Geralds work and passion for autism support resulted in the honour of having an MBE bestowed on him at the Palace in 1990. 

Gerald was a very important person within the development of Oakfield House and had it not been for Gerald and his hard work Oakfield House and Autism West Midlands would probably not exist to this day. 

Geralds family have asked for donations to be made to Autism West Midlands in his memory and these will go towards Oakfield House. 

Phil Middlewood, Chief Executive of Autism West Midlands said “I met Gerald in his home a couple years after I started as CEO of Autism West Midlands. It was to talk about some plans we had but also to meet him because I had heard so much about him. Gerald was a fascinating and exceptionally committed person and I felt an immediate connection with him and his aspirations. I am very grateful to have met him and its clear many people having benefited hugely from his hard work and enthusiasm shown over many years”.

Gerald will be greatly missed by all his friends at Autism West Midlands and in particular staff and residents at Oakfield House. We will always be grateful for all of the hard work and determination Gerald put into establishing autism provision for people within the West Midlands, the results of which are so valuable to so many people today. 

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Gerald, please click the following link:

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Gerald and his mum

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