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Corporate Giving

Working with us, here at Autism West Midlands, means that you are working directly with the thousands of families that we support every year.

Corporate Partnerships

There are lots of ways that your company can work with us to improve the lives of people with autism.  Our experience of working with businesses means we’ll find great opportunities for your to shine.  We’ll also give you coverage in our communications.  We know that every company is unique, so we’ll make sure our partnership with you meets your business needs.  Here are some ideas about how we can work together.

Charity of Year

If you are looking for a way to unite your whole company behind a great cause, why not select Autism West Midlands for your next Charity of the Year?  Autism West Midlands have worked with many organisations over the years, we will work hard to make sure our partnership works.  If you are interested in choosing us as your Charity of the Year, please contact our fundraising team at

Legal Ombudsman Charity of the Year
Legal Ombudsman

The reasons TSB New Street chose Autism West Midlands  is firstly we wanted a charity that really helps and supports the local community,  secondly  it was close to my heart as my nephew has autism and seeing the daily struggles he has to go through and knowing there is a charity like yourselves that helps children and adults integrate into society and supports them in their day to day struggles. So far this year we have climbed up Mount Snowdon, had a bake sale, we also had christmas hampers as well as currently a valentines inspired event, whereby customers can guess how many sweets are in the jar.

 Our future plans are to dress in pjs and do a bake sale on 2nd April Autism awareness day, as well as silly sock day on 27th April and possibly planning doing a fun run for the whole team.

Nikki Altaf | TSB  Local Banker

Charity of the Year
TSB New Street
Superfast IT

Employee Fundraising

Raising money for a really good cause is a great way to bring everybody together, giving them a common goal. If you want to get your team fundraising at work we can help you come up with lots of ideas.

“We always like a challenge here at Superfast IT so once again we signed up for the Wolf Run….It wasn’t easy, it was VERY muddy but we got through the 10km run unscathed (just about!)!”

Volunteering and other ways to support us

“We would like to say a massive thankyou to Autism West Midlands team for their great hospitality. We were all so impressed by the service that they provide”.
Jenny Akers Business Development Manager, BT

Your time and expertise are extremely valuable to us – some of our events simply couldn’t happen without our volunteers. If you want to volunteer regularly, we would love to hear from you. We’re also lucky to have companies and agencies who share their expertise with us, as well as companies who generously donate prizes for our special events. This helps us invest more money where it is most needed in providing support for people with autism. Are you able to donate a gift in kind? If so please contact us. If you have any other ideas about how we might work together in a mutually beneficial relationship, or if you’d like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Sponsorship & Marketing

Sponsorship is an opportunity to raise the profile of your business as well as helping us to support more people with autism. Your sponsorship means we can raise more money from our events and activities. You could sponsor something specific such as a family event or the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom in one of our residential homes. There are many different sponsorship and marketing opportunities available, so contact us to see how we can work together

“Many people do not understand autism and its effects on those with the condition; Mahirs Experience wants to raise awareness by supporting Autism West Midlands”.
Dina, Mahirs Experience

Autism West Midlands Charity of the Year
Mahirs Experience